Setup Outlook Express to Read AlwaysJesus eMail

If you have Windows 98 installed on your PC, launching this application is as easy as clicking on an icon on the taskbar such as illustrated below.

2taskba1.gif (2905 bytes) Figure 1. Outlook Express icon on Taskbar

This will bring up an initial startup screen. See figure 2.

Figure 2. Outlook Express Initial Screen

Click on the Tools option on the menu bar and click on the Accounts option, shown below./'

Quick: Tools /Accounts /Add /Mail

3toolmenu.gif (3312 bytes)

Figure 3. Tools Menu Options

Once the 'Internet Accounts' window pops up, click on the 'Mail' tab. See illustration below.

4mailtab.gif (1923 bytes) Figure 4. Mail Tab on Internet Accounts window.

Click on the 5add.gif (1018 bytes) button located on the right-hand side of the dialog box.

A popup menu will appear. Select the 'Mail...' option.

6addopt.gif (1407 bytes)

The 'Internet Connection Wizard' will appear and ask you for a display name. Type Your Name and click 'Next'.

7aConnect.gif (9316 bytes)

Figure 5. Enter Display Name.

Now the wizard will ask for your email address. Type in your email address, for example Click Next.

7bConnect.gif (9497 bytes)

Figure 6. Enter email address

Fill-in the server options.

'My incoming mail server is a POP3 server. Type
the name of your mail server.'

'Incoming mail (POP3 ) server:'

'Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:'

Note: Y
ou might need to use your Internet Service Providers Outgoing mail(SMTP) server. Try using first and if you have any trouble contact you local isp and find out what the name of their (SMTP) server.

Click Next.

NOTE: text written in bold italics are the options and entries to be changed/added. See figure 7.

7cConnect.gif (10501 bytes)

Figure 7. Email Server Names

'Internet Mail Logon' options will have your account name filled in automatically. If you want Outlook Express to login automatically, type in your email password. WARNING: If you fill in the password field, anyone who will work on your PC will be able to access your email through Outlook Express. Click Next after making your decision about your password.

7dConnect.gif (11502 bytes)

Figure 8. Internet Mail Logon

When you get to the 'Friendly Name' option, it will be filled in with, click Next to accept the entry.

7eConnect.gif (9684 bytes)

Figure 9. Friendly Name option

'Choose Connection Type' - Select the second option if you are have a Cable Modem or DSL. Select the first option if you have a Dial-up Modem(PPP connection). Click Next.

7fConnect.gif (11183 bytes)

Figure 10. Choose Connection Type

If you are successful in filling in the options illustrated above, you should get the screen shown below. Click Finish to save the settings.

7gConnect.gif (8840 bytes)

Figure 11. Completed and save changes.

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